Hill Workout, Rise in Confidence

Going into my workout yesterday, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The top runners from my team (including myself) were driving to Pelican Hill in Newport to complete our 2 x 2 mile uphill hard tempo. Lately, I had been doing ok on speed workouts, and was a little tired from all the training. Brushing aside my doubts, I was determined to make the best of whatever strength I had in me. It was, after all, my favorite speed workout. As we jogged alongside one another on the warm up, I scanned the hill ahead of me…it might as well have been a mountain. I got my final leg swings out of the way, talked a little with some of my team, and lined up next to the light pole at the bottom of the hill. Martin (my coach) yells at us to start and we get rolling, easing into our hard tempo effort. I stick right behind Will, Alan, and Kenneth. We come through the first mile of the hill in decent time, sticking together as a pack. The three ahead of me begin pushing harder, and pull away. I end up finishing the first rep in 13:59 or 14:00. Although I was tired and hurting a bit, I decide that I had ran far too relaxed for my first rep, promising myself that I would go all out the last rep (I had no choice either way, because you’re supposed to be completely gassed by the end of a workout). On the quick car ride down, I tell myself that I will try to stay with the Kenneth the whole time. As the second and final rep begins, I do just that, never letting him get more than a stride’s length ahead of me. However after a half mile, I sense that our mini pack is slowing down a little. Wanting to stay with Kenneth, but also wanting to run a fast time, I surge up past Kenneth’s shoulder. As I predicted, he started picking up the pace a bit. When we still come through the mile too slow, I throw in a large surge, pushing ahead and picking up the pace. Over the next half mile, Kenneth reels me in and moves ahead. I make up the ground and we again are together, approaching the last light, which signals the last 0.3 mile finish. In the end, Kenneth outkicks me by three seconds, pulling me to a good time and negative split (13:40ish). Things are starting to look up



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