Track is Back!

What a week it’s been in running!! Penn State ran a 9:26 DMR, Genzebe Dibaba got an indoor 3k world record, Mary Cain cut time from her own junior world record (1000m), and a new world record in the 4 by 800m was set. And as it happens, last week was my best week in training/racing that I’ve had in a long while.

The last few weeks my legs have been feeling pretty good so I’ve upped the mileage on my easy days from 8 miles to 9. This increase didn’t seem to bother my legs much, as I ran a 16:54 3 mile tempo in the beginning of the week, and put forth my best 5x1200m vo2 max workout ever (averaged 3:52.6) without exerting any great amount of effort. Friday I knew I had to take a really easy day because the following day was my last chance to qualify for the California indoor state meet in the 4 by 800. At the two previous qualifiers, my team and I didn’t run as well as we could have, finishing out of the top three on both occasions. Arriving at the track in Roosevelt, as we piled out of the car, one thing resonated with all of us immediately: the air smelled terribly similar to horse dung. Not ideal for racing an event in which I’d be sucking for all the air I could get by the end of it. Despite this, we ran our best performance so far: 8:15, which qualified us for the state meet by place (third) and time. Great performances all around: 5 second PR of 2:07 for me, 2:04 for my friend Will, and 2:00 for both of the top runners on my team, Hunter and David. Track season is here, and in full swing.



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